Monday, May 5, 2008

Captains Listhost Slam

Each team has leaders. These leaders are called captains. these captains have an email listhost they share with us judges.

Recently, out of the blue, a high school team emailed us to say they wanted to join. We added them to the listhost and sent them an email asking for more information.

Meanwhile, somebody on the listhost decided there needed to be more trash talk. A judge confirmed this.

Turns out what you get when you ask scavvies for trash talk is limericks. Lots and lots of limericks. In fact so many limericks that within a few hours they had also sprouted a sonnet, a set of haikus and something I'd never heard of before called a villanelle.

Shortly after that, the high school team captain emailed us the following:
"Uhhh, on second thought, I don't think I'm participating. Thanks though.The e-mail list is enough to drive me away."

Darn high school kids just can't handle their poetry.