Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dude, guys, stop hurting yourselves. I know this is rich, coming from the Judges, given that we are the ones who instructed you to strap razor blades on to uncooked chickens and then swing them at one another. And given that we are the ones who asked you to compete in a knife competitions. But seriously, this isn't a "get as injured as you can" competition. Blood does not equal points. Except during blood drive, when it does.

Do you want a complete list of all the judges who are here for this Hunt? I bet you do. I bet you have been waiting all Hunt for such a list.

Cthonathan, Leila, CKam, Colin, Claire, SLucy, Tricky, Kat, JCrow, Fink, Nick, Bill, Joel, Will, Jim, Ian, Sam, Kate, Connor, Jess, Emily, Courtney, CBass, Lisa. Also Karl was here for list release. Therefore, Colin, let me point out that when I said there are "literally 25 judges here," I was, in fact, correct.

I hope all the scavvies' nights are going well. Just over 12 hours until Judgment! ARE YOU READY? (Actually, I hope you're not ready. If you were currently asleep because you are just that ready, I would be disappointed.) We Judges are currently in an epic pointing meeting. We have been deliberating for many hours now. We are very careful in distributing our points.

In closing, I give you a warning and a memory from today.


A memory: Hey, remember when we played real-life Battleship? Goddamn that RULED.