Friday, May 9, 2008

Chocolate Brains...

Coffee, Duct Tape, Good Morning Burgers and faux Champagne: part of a balanced Scavenbreakfast.

Things I have learned in the past twenty-four hours:
  • Being the drummer in 'Rock Band' is insanely fun
  • There ain't no rule says a chimp can't play hockey
  • There is absolutely no good reason not to market Good Morning Burgers
  • Spherical pizzas can be surprisingly tasty
  • As long as I have the plague, I can sing 'Chocolate Rain' in the proper register
  • Weathorr must be busy menacing somewhere else (Myanmar?)
  • Cops in Kansas City have nothing better to do with their time than harass students who drop origami bat-boats into their fountains.
  • Scavenbarnraising has indeed become the new face of 'Items proposed as a total joke that not only become real, but turn out surprisingly well'
Keep it real, scavengers. Also: get a little sleep! Further: thank you for being so courteous to strangers on the Quads these past two days -- 'twas right decent of you.

Disturbing Judge Quote of the Day: "Bestiality? More like... BESTiality!" -- Nemo