Friday, May 9, 2008

Compromise; alternatively, the lack thereof

Deal or No Deal (U of C edition) went off swimmingly. It took a little while, but all nine teams went face-to-shadowed-face with our banker and, while some did not fare as well as others, there was plenty of drama. Ooh! Ohh! Gasp! Etc!

For those interested, the teams finished as follows (listed in order of their dealings):
  • Burton-Judson: 9,999
  • Broadview: 150,000
  • Broover: 414,000
  • FIST: 275,000
  • GASH: 430,000
  • MacPierce: 1¢ (a 1986 penny)
  • Max Palevsky: 400,000
  • Shoreland: 200,000
  • Snell-Hitchcock: 19,050 and a copy of the most recent Noyes (the one with the photo spread of a Judge meeting), autographed by all the Judges
I think Snell-Hitchcock made the best deal of the night, as their dealer will be getting a Prized Collectible sure to appreciate in value. Points will not be given simply to the top three winners, but our pointing scheme is a proprietary secret unless someone tells me it isn't.

Also! The Purple Plunderer has pounced upon a prized possession! Previously property of PierceMac, the Plunderer partnered with a pernicious pal to pelt people with pennies. In the puzzlement, the Plunderer picked up the prize and pranced off. Please be apprised!